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Actually I've been back since Friday last week, but I was too lazy to write a journal beforehand.
I had a great time in Cornwall and London with my relatives living there and had plenty of things to do, such as engaging into getting mutually drunk (though that wasnt fun sometimes :'D) or helping my Uncle out with his artisan shop. Definitly a great experience.
I'll be uploading the photos of my vacation soon, its over a thousand pictures I took and I need to select I like most, edit them and then simutaniously upload them on dA and tumblr.
To avoid a huge spam of photos in your inbox I'll be uploading the in my opinion best photos I managed to take and leave a link to other similiar themed photosets on my tumblr. For example, if I post a picture of a Spitfire on dA I'll give a link to a photoset of more military/aircraft-themed pictures on my tumblr -and no, you dont need an account to view these photosets on tumblr.

On another point, with plenty of freetime during vacation I started developing my own story wich consists of a mixture of a post-apocaliptic and medival universe.
I'm still at the beginning of developing a rough story outline and character development. In the future I'll be uploading some of my character concepts with a brief character description. Every few uploads I'll also give away some of the story bits that I'm developing. Since I've never or hardly done any story-telling, free writing or roleplaying it would be great if I could get some (consitant) advice about this, preferably on skype. So if any of my watchers are willing to help me out with this projects I'd be more then happy. I'd also give a reward in any form, may it be additional mentioning of your ideas in my story or an art gift.

Well thats my update for the time being. Have a lovely summer (or, of whats left of it) ;3;
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Too long username to remember :V

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Hey there, I'm still waiting to hear what you want for your sketch prize!
Can you please let me know when you have time? <3
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Hope ya like your freakin' new corpsepaint. Cuz bein' all white n furry is awsmly nice to do such shit with yo face. :cookie:
I'm "a tad" uinadequate & idiotic & kinda real deranged and a bit drunk so alalfrgchgwhj yeah. LOL. Me going den. [Niedergang?] Or hell knows. I'm writing shit, ololo. Duh. Who else 'd be ready to turn your wall into a nuthouse? :dummy:
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